The Heart of the Church

There is an imperishable treasure deep inside the human soul – God's gift of endless joy of the eternal life. This gift is hidden in the heart — the center of our spiritual life.

The spiritual heart of a person turned to the external is closed, it is sleeping, waiting to be awakened and calling a person to turn inside himself into the quest for and discovery of the Divine essence. The response to this call initiates our mystical journey to comprehension of ourselves and finding ourselves in God.

There is a teaching and practice in the Orthodox Christian tradition intended for our self-comprehension and for uniting us with God. It is called Hesychasm.

Hesychasm (from Greek word "hesychia" – silence, peace, quietness) – teaching and practice aimed for the acquisition of the Holy Spirit and deification of human soul and body. The ultimate goal of hesychasm is human transfiguration and theosis after the likeness of the risen Christ.

Hesychasm brings a powerful inspiration for human creativity and grants it deep and prophetic meaning. The masterpieces of the Christian art such as the Divine Hymns of St. Symeon New Theologian, the Icon of the Trinity by St. Andrey Rublev, and many others, were a result of partaking in the Divine Life through a practice of hesychasm.

Unfolded in time and space, hesychasm has a rich history reflecting a meta-historical process of the formation of the Church.

A VII-th century Orthodox saint and mystic St. Isaak of Syria said that Silence is a mystery of the age to come. Hesychasm is opened to the eternity and even in this age it allows us to partake in the sacrament of the Divine Silence.